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We have a wide range of social media for many of our services and attractions.

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​We have tools for monitoring social media 24/7. However, please note that we respond to enquiries made via our social media feeds during normal working hours.

If you've a question about our social media, please contact Gavin Simpson. or telephone 020 7332 3073

Look after yourself and respect others

Social media is a public forum so please bear this in mind when posting and especially regarding personal information - for example, if you are reporting a problem, hold off giving your full details until we are talking one to one. The City of London Corporation is always happy to hear from you but please keep posts relevant. All comments will be monitored by the social media platform itself and the City of London. Any comments that are offensive or inappropriate will be removed. If you find any inappropriate comments please report them. People who persistently cause conflict or offence to others will be removed and blocked from our social media pages. Finally, a 'Like' or other link posted by the City Corporation should not be taken as a formal endorsement.